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“Three-by-Six (3×6)”

Artlab33 | Art SpaceThursday, 27 May was our kickoff for our event series, “Three-by-Six (3×6).” Our summer media and performing arts event in Miami was an initial success, although we did have a technical glitch. Our borrowed video project was missing an important cable, but we made due with what we had. Everyone still enjoyed the evening.

The first program included pieces from: Tina La Porta, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, Charles Chace, Larry Caveney, and Lincoln Schatz. The second program included pieces from: Bruno Torquato, Adam Badlotto, and Onajide Shabaka.

Each evening lead to lively discussions about the works and the various processes of creation. The feeling from the majority of those in attendance was that there was much more that could be done for a time-based art project than they themselves were immediately ready to submit to the event. The intention was not so much for totally refined works but an opportunity to share more experimental works.

No limitations were placed on what type of work could be submitted except: it must be able to be projected digitally, performed, played via sound system, or some combination, each piece is limited in length to 6 minutes, and no more than 6 will be selected for any one event. The only real limitation is ones creativity.


Theme #1 : #phrasesihate (a twitter trending topic) – on 27 May, 2010

Theme #2: Likin’ – on 24 June, 2010

Theme #3: Obsess’n – on 29 July, 2010


Program #1 – 8 May, 2010

Program #2 – 12 June, 2010

Program #3 – 12 July, 2010

[Special Thanks to Diaspora Vibe Gallery]

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