Walking The River Making Art

“Walking The River Making Art”

[Postponed due to infrastructure damage at Jack Island Preserve.]

Despite its ubiquity in the everyday walking is an activity obscured by its own practical functionality. It is employed literally and understood metaphorically as a slow, inefficient, and increasingly anachronistic means to a predetermined end. Rarely is walking considered as a distinct mode of acting, knowing, and making. As its necessity diminishes and its applications rarefy, the potential of walking as critical, creative, and subversive tool appears only to grow. Conceived of as a conversation between the body and the world, walking becomes a reciprocal and simultaneous act of both interpretation and manipulation; an embodied and active way of shaping and being shaped that operates on a scale and at a pace embedded in something seemingly more authentic and real.

Using the walk as a guiding metaphor “Walking The River Making Art” is a multifaceted effort that seeks to nurture both a theoretical and applied approach to knowing and interpreting place as we experience and construct it through walking.

A Guided tour of the Savannas, the Indian River Lagoon, and other “land art” significant landmarks, will be organized between July and August, 2011. (Travel date will be finalized by 15 July, 2011.) Arrangements will be for a maximum of four (4) persons per tour. Tours are one day, arriving on site by 9:00 a.m., and returning by sundown. Contact me via the comment form below, or the contact page for costs and additional questions.

**NOTE: Jack Island Preserve is closed pending construction of a replacement bridge to the island. Information current as of 5/31/2011. For latest news, see the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park website.

Savannas Preserve State Park
St. Lucie County, Florida
(in the red rectangular area on the map below)

Indian River Lagoon
N. Hutchinson Island
St. Lucie County, Florida

(photo credits: Onajide Shabaka)

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