“Mangrove Mud Womp”
Artist Residency, Performance, Workshop, & Exhibition
[PDF Press Release here.]
Oct., Nov., Dec., 2011-12
(scheduled attendance on various weekends announced on Facebook)
(photo credits: Onajide Shabaka)

“Mangrove Mud Womp”

Combining art and the ecological environment the artist-in-residence will be drawing, painting, and making sculptures of natural and found objects, while investigating the rich mangrove forest’s flora and fauna. This project will be implemented with the input and collaboration of the on-site naturalist at Anne Kolb Nature Center.

The artist, along with kids and adults, will create art works that reflects the ecologically sensitive mangrove forest that is between Hollywood and Dania known as West Lake. This project is to create a learning experience about the natural habitat of the estuary through art.

In addition there will be a panel discussion on urban planning & design, while looking at pushing the envelope of social space, and even technology, to actualize itself in harmony with the urban and natural environment. Art practices that exist outside of the confines of the gallery have a long history that include genres such as land art, eco-art, public art, and social practice art.


“Black Mangroves (video still)”

200 & Under

200 & Under

Offering for sale a series of small multiples for $200 and under. We will offer one artist release at a time, with a portion of every sale going to a non-profit org. Details to follow.
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Artlab33 residency
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