Grounding Myself in Dirt Yards

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Grounding Myself in Dirt Yards:

“So tonight I attempted to ground myself, ahem, by photogaphing a couple more dirt yards at night. Sometimes I just need to do ordinary things like that. Wait a minute. Maybe photographing dirt yards at night isn’t ordinary . . .

For the record, probably best NOT to photograph dirt yards the night before garbage day. Then I find myself standing in someone’s yard with my camera aimed at his house while he’s wheeling his garbage can out to the curb and I’m waiting for my 60 second exposure to finish. I’m like, ‘Uh, hi. Just photographing dirt yards at night! Have a good one!’

Prior to photographing dirt yards, I attempted to go running to clear my bacteria, fever and antibiotic infested brain. I only made it about two miles. But hey, I felt better afterwards!

LOVE my Dirt Yards project. It makes me happy.

Off to bed.”

(Via So What? Kim Dot Dammit Live..)

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