Dirt Yards on Labor Day Weekend

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Dirt Yards on Labor Day Weekend:



Then I went out and shot some Dirt Yards At Night. The thing about shooting Dirt Yards at Night is it teaches me PATIENCE. I have to SLOW DOWN. So besides everything else about the project that I love, it is very relaxing. It forces me to stop, stand still, be quiet, wait, expect the unexpected and BE PATIENT. It took me nearly an hour standing at one spot of one road to capture four ‘okay’ shots tonight. That’s a good lesson for me — the fast, the furious, the high octane. Slowing down gives my engine a rest, and I get to look at the stars and watch the clouds move by while I wait for my camera to chug away at the very long exposures and processing time. It’s all good . . . as long as I stay away from the Hood Fry’s and football games.

(Via So What? Kim Dot Dammit Live.)

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