First, frst, fst

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First, frst, fst from onajide shabaka also soundtrack composer on Vimeo.

Sound (E)scapes: Reactive Conditions

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Sunday, 27 May, 2012 at 10:30 am One day event. Anne Kolb Nature Center 751 Sheridan Street , Hollywood, FL Piggybacking on iSAW’s most recent sound project, I’ve given the next Anne Kolb Nature Center’s interactive day as one of listening, recording, and experimentation. Participate in a series of acoustic…

Art Residency walk: 13 Dec., 2011

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Out making videos this morning for “Mangrove Mud Womp,” a work-in-progress set for exhibition, February, 2012.

Mangrove Mud Womp Artist Residency

“Mangrove Mud Womp” Artist Residency, Performance, Workshop, & Exhibition [PDF Press Release here.] Oct., Nov., Dec., 2011-12 (scheduled attendance on various weekends announced on Facebook) (photo credits: Onajide Shabaka) “Mangrove Mud Womp” Combining art and the ecological environment the artist-in-residence will be drawing, painting, and making sculptures of natural and…